Thursday, April 21, 2011

Our Wedding Day

Our anniversary is on Apr 24. I don't think I will be around much this weekend so I wanted to go ahead and share a couple of wedding pictures with you today. Hope you enjoy! And if you don't hear from me - have a great Easter!

On our wedding day the weather was overcast and a bit chilly. Temperatures had been in the 80's the week before and cooled down into the 50's. But no rain!

My husband Thomas, was serving in the Marine Corps. He had served a tour in Iraq and returned home in February. We had gotten engaged in October when he was able to come home on leave for 2 weeks. We had been together for almost 4 years when we got married. Yep, we were young!

We went to Charleston, SC on our honeymoon and then promptly moved to San Diego, CA - 2,400 miles away from where I had grown up! We lived in CA for just over 2 years and then we returned home when Thomas's service was over. Thomas served another tour in Iraq while I was in CA. I guess you could say - to be continued - on our story. I'm sure I will be sharing more. =)



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