Sunday, May 1, 2011

hey friends

I've been overwhelmingly busy the last few days.

The weekend before last we began Spring cleaning. O don't you just love those words. :( We did get quite a bit done but there is much left. This will be something I will be working on next weekend. Which is also my birthday weekend! =)

Last weekend was our anniversary/Easter. We went to Asheville on Friday and came home on Sunday. It was a great trip - I will share pics very soon!

Which leads me to the fact that we purchased a new camera for our anniversary. This is half the reason I haven't blogged. We don't have the cord yet to load pics on our Mac. But I will be getting it very soon and will be sharing lots of pictures. We purchased a Nikon D3100. I believe that is what it is without looking. =)

This weekend we have done some yard work and planted some pretty new flowers. I love Spring - it is such a pretty time of year! Will share pics of this soon too!

I did watch the royal wedding. Loved both of her dresses!

Today we had to do some cleaning and maintenance on our popup camper - more on this later too and now my husband is working on loads of school work for this last week of school. I can't wait for it to be over with. Plus he starts a new job tomorrow - which is great news! Poor guy - his mind must be going a mile a minute!

And my dad was admitted to the hospital this morning. He has pneumonia. Please say a prayer for him - he is not in the best of health and he does not have a spleen which makes fighting this kind of infection more difficult. Will be leaving to go visit him shortly.

Alright, that's it in a nutshell. I'm sorry for all of the teasing - just wanted to say, "The blogging world hasn't seen the last of me." I can't believe how long it has been since I have posted!

Hope you are all doing very well and please keep my dad in your prayers!



  1. Amber your dad is in my prayers!! you guys have most def been busy!! Happy almost Birthday and Happy Anniversary!!

  2. Thanks Heather! My dad is doing better and should be coming home today! Hope you are doing well!!! Happy Mother's Day!


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