Sunday, May 22, 2011

I sewed something!!

The good news is I finished my ipad design and finished sewing her but the bad news - well she's a about a half-inch too short. :( Learning experience, right? I even measured for her to be a little bit on the large size but I'll have to try again.

Here she is:

I don't envision her as a loser though. I believe she will come in handy for some great purpose. Maybe an electronics case. Say you're at the lake or the pool and you put your phone and a point and shoot camera and a couple accessories and call it a day. Or I think she may hold a couple of diapers and maybe some wipes. Or maybe the smaller Kindle or Nook. Or maybe you want to use her to hold a book. She's still a cool kind of chic wristlet to me.

I made the "ipad case" with a wristlet type strap because well, I'm clumsy and I figured it may me nice to provide a little extra protection against drops. You see you'll place your wrist through the strap and then grab ahold of your very expensive ipad. =) I will make one at the correct size soon.

And then there's my finished quilt top. She's come a long ways and she's got a ways to go before she becomes a completed quilt. Yep, I like taking things slow it seems.

Here she is, a "friendship star" design:

Thank you to my husband for holding her up for me!

And finally my beautiful lantana flowers getting ready to burst out with color and my Lucky Ducky puppy!

Hope you're having a great Sunday!

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  1. That quilt is soooo awesome!! OOOH I would love to make one some day!!!!!! Your flowers are beautiful!!!! Sorry your I pad case didn't work out!

  2. o i love that quilt. you did great!!!!


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