Tuesday, May 3, 2011

beautiful asheville

For our anniversary we traveled to beautiful Asheville, NC. It took us around 2 1/2 hours to get there - not long at all and we were traveling with our popup camper. I know romantic, right?

We purchased a used popup camper from a coworker last August. We are new to the camping world. We thought it only made sense to use the camper for the first time of the season and save some money by not staying in an expensive hotel at the same time. Plus as my coworker would say, "We know who has been sleeping in our bed." and I say, "I know the sheets are clean because I'm the one who washed them and put them on the bed." =)

The camper is nothing fancy but she does the job (I've noticed that I think everything is a she - I wonder if this is indicative of something about me. Hmm, I'm not sure).

Here SHE is. This is the only picture I have of her - I took it at a weird angle as to not get any of the campers around her (yes they were invading her space) in the picture. =)

Upon arrival on Friday evening, we went to eat at Pack's Tavern. It was delish!

It was cold and windy on Friday evening so we didn't hang around much but I did find a friend to take a picture with. I will say sharing pictures of myself will probably be a rarity. I just do not like being in pictures but maybe sharing these will be freeing for me!

Saturday morning we set out to drive around and explore some. We found this cute little waterfall in the Montreat area.

Then we went exploring in downtown Asheville. We had planned to go to The Biltmore House but it didn't work out - no big deal, we have been before.

We stumbled along The Thomas Wolfe House memorial. This was so interesting and it only costs $1 to tour. I mean I think it worked out not getting to go to The Biltmore House in terms of the money! We had a tour guide who was very articulate and shared a wealth of knowledge with us. I really didn't know much about Thomas Wolfe at all but upon leaving the house I purchased his first book, "Look Homeward, Angel." I can't wait to read it! Here are a few pictures. I loved that we were allowed to take pictures inside the house. You can't do that at Biltmore either!

Here are a couple of pictures around the campground. There was a beautiful stream running through it and of course some wildlife.

And here we are on our anniversary.

Have you ever been to Asheville?



  1. What great pics! Looks like a great trip! I love the photos of the old kitchen. Oh the stories it could tell :)
    Thanks for stopping by my blog! Happy to follow you back :)

  2. Almost all of the furnshings are original. I think you are right - there would be so many stories!

    Thank you for stopping by! :)


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