Sunday, June 26, 2011

A quick update...

I will be MIA for a few days more BUT I will be back. See ya soon!!


Sunday, June 19, 2011

Father's Day and a new do

Hello friends!

I bet you are all spending time with your husbands or fathers today - HAPPY FATHER'S DAY!! =)
I want to give a shout-out to all the dads doing what dads do best. I think it is so easy to get wrapped up in the busyness of life and we forget to acknowledge how much the men in our lives contribute, so go dads!

A little over a week ago I received a pretty serious haircut! I love it! I feel so much lighter now! I have pretty much had long hair all of my life so this is a big difference for me. You know you gotta live a little. I just usually have trouble with the short hair because I have really thick hair and a round face. Tell me what you think, if you dare. =)



And I have now been to two photography classes. I'm still feeling a little bit overwhelmed and have only been able to practice one time but I'm posting a couple of pictures I took a few days ago. I promise that my photography will get better. I mean it can only get better - I don't see how it could get any worse. ;P

I'm working on some small zipped pouches and a new tote bag. I'll share soon!


Monday, June 13, 2011

wristlet/clutch and a blog award!

Well I've been needing to take a couple of pics of a wristlet/clutch that I made over a week ago and the best time I could find to do it. Well after dark and in unnatural light. Go figure! But I feel like sharing now and I guess I'm not a good planner. Please forgive me!

Here SHE is:

And then there's Boots. My child that I wish would move out and get his own apartment where he can clean up after himself. Please excuse the laundry basket in the background - this is real life folks! =)

And I was awarded the Sunshine Award by the awesome Jessica @ you are my color! I am truly honored and highly recommend you go check out her blog! I just love her humor! Thanks Jessica!


The rules for the Sunshine Award are:
1. Thank the person who gave you the award and link back to them.
2. Tell us something about yourself.
3. Nominate 10 other bloggers.
4. And let them know you awarded them!

Something you probably don't know about me is I have 12 toes! No I'm totally just kidding. I'm kind of having trouble coming up with something here. I'm kind of an open book so it's hard for me to believe that I can't think of anything. I will go along with something Jessica mentioned and say that I have two tattoos. I got my first one 3 days after I turned 18. :)

Alright let the nominations begin:

Katina @ Peaceful Divas
Heather @ Some Kind of Wonderful
Anna Joy @ The Joy Cottage
Renae @ Oliver's Inspired Mama
Anna @ Don't Mind Me I'm Discombobulated

Ok so I'm only nominating 5 =)

Hope you guys have had a fabulous Monday - I think we can all breathe a sigh of relief that it is almost over!!!


Thursday, June 9, 2011

High on Life Thursday

I'm linking up today - usually I have trouble finding time on Thursdays to post but I'm making time today to join this very inspiring linkup.

This past Sunday my husband participated in a sprint triathlon. He has participated in a couple in the past 2 years but this was the first one that I actually went to. I was so impressed with the people of all ages that came out that day to do the race. I loved the attitudes that were being expressed. Everyone was encouraging and motivating. Of course I was a little on the tired side since we got up way before the sun but I tried to soak it all up. And what I loved most about it - EVERYONE finished!

I'm so proud of my husband and impressed by his passion to be healthy and that was what so much of the triathlon was about. It didn't matter how you looked or what size you were or where you had begun - what mattered was that you got out there and did it. I'm truly inspired!

Here is a couple of pictures from the race:

Here is my husband goofing off posing with his bike. =)

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

What's on my mind Wednesday

What's on my mind:

- JFK - I'm addicted to researching the JFK assassination. I really wish I could turn my brain off. I don't know why I'm so interested but I just can't turn away. It's like watching The Real Housewives. I go back and forth with what I believe whether it being that Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone or if there is another conspiracy invovled. I'm not researching this to get in a debate with anyone - I'm just gaining some personal knowledge about something that puzzles me so. I have finished two books and I'm moving on to the next one. You can find the books I'm reading here. =)

- Photography - I'm taking a class Saturday to learn how to setup my nice new Nikon to use it effectively. Right now I'm pretty much using it on automatic but I want to REALLY learn how to use it. I can't wait!

- Running - I was somewhat of a runner for a while but have completely lost it. I had actually gotten up to running 5 miles at one time but I sprained my ankle. I continued running on my ankle and ended up having to halt all exercise as I had no range of motion in my ankle and I had to let it heal. I ran a few times after it healed but I just never got back into to it and that makes me sad because I'm going to have to start from what seems like square one again. The weather is somewhat of a hold-back right now because it is so hot but it's only going to get worse. I just need to do it!!! I'm also currently still doing a heavy-lifting program and that has dominated all of my workout time lately. :(

Well that's the scoop on me. I know exciting, right? ;)


Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Hoo Are You?

1. How often do you wash your vehicle? Not often enough!!!

2. When riding in a car with someone who usually drives, them or you? Them!

3. How many states have you traveled to or through? hmmm - let me think hard about this one. I believe it is 12 - possibly more.

4. What kind of music do you listen to the most? I don't think there is one the most. I really enjoy contemorary Christian, good old pop, I like oldies. The only thing I really don't listen to much is country.

5. Do you prefer the window down or air conditioning? Up until this past summer I would have said window down - I've turned into a wimp!

Check back soon - I will be posting some pics of a wristlet and also a couple of pics from a triathalon that my husband participated in this past Sunday!

So tell me - Hoo Are You?



Friday, June 3, 2011

Fill in the blank Friday

It's Friday! I'm linking up again for Fill in the Blank Friday!

1. I love animals because they keep me company. I would be so lonely without my pets. I love how loyal they are.

2. A time that mama knew best was when she told me hanging out with an older friend was a bad idea. She was right! That chick tried to drag me into trouble with a capital T.

3. My first kiss went a little like this yuck, I don't think I can even talk about this, lol.

4. My celebrity crush is Vin Diesel - I love his muscles and confidence.

5. My splurge of choice is probably food - you gotta eat and I hate to shop so I don't buy a lot of stuff that way.

6. My biggest accomplishment is my relationship with my husband. He's so very important to me.

7. My dance jam of choice is I don't think I could choose just one song - I like to put on my own personal show to some MJ songs in the living room. ;P

Happy Friday!
That yard sale I talked about a few weeks ago - well it didn't happen but it really is going to happen tomorrow. Wish me luck!

Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

What's on my mind Wednesday

Hola friends!

It's been a week - gosh, where has the time gone?

Well I would say we've been crazy busy and in some ways we have but we were very lazy for the first half of the weekend. Friday there was a bad storm in our town. Our power did not go out at the time of the storm but it went out that night and was out for several hours right when it got dark so there was nothing to do but go to bed! We were very lazy Saturday and didn't emerge from our haze until Sunday in time to go out to eat with our family which was GREAT!

I spent Memorial day with family too and it was great also!

Ok so - What's on my mind:

1 - I think I may be afraid of the dark - I've never been before but more and more lately my motto is "Nothing good happens in the dark." Now I know this isn't true but when it gets dark I just want to get in and pray I make it through the night. So what's with my drama - I don't know. I think my JFK research may be playing a part. And as you can imagine, when the power was out and it was pitch-black dark in the hood I was a little bit uncomfortable. You know I was peeking out the window and scanning for shadows. Spooky!

2 - Hair, hair everywhere - All three of my animals have long hair. Man, do we know how to pick them. I'm just kidding - I wouldn't trade any of them - well most days I wouldn't. How do you control all of this hair? I'm starting to brush them more but this time of year is just out of control. Even I'm shedding everywhere! Sometimes I wonder why we have animals but then I remember I just love them and would be so sad without their companionship. I can't imagine not having at least one furry pet.

3 - Heat wave - It is hot, hot, hot here. It has been in the mid-90's or higher all week with no end in sight. Just walking to the mailbox is tough. I can't imagine being someone who has to work outside. I'm so thankful for air conditioning! Even the animals are tired from the heat. They just lay down under the fan. And they're inside in the air with me! Poor babies!

Hope you're finding a way to stay cool!