Thursday, June 9, 2011

High on Life Thursday

I'm linking up today - usually I have trouble finding time on Thursdays to post but I'm making time today to join this very inspiring linkup.

This past Sunday my husband participated in a sprint triathlon. He has participated in a couple in the past 2 years but this was the first one that I actually went to. I was so impressed with the people of all ages that came out that day to do the race. I loved the attitudes that were being expressed. Everyone was encouraging and motivating. Of course I was a little on the tired side since we got up way before the sun but I tried to soak it all up. And what I loved most about it - EVERYONE finished!

I'm so proud of my husband and impressed by his passion to be healthy and that was what so much of the triathlon was about. It didn't matter how you looked or what size you were or where you had begun - what mattered was that you got out there and did it. I'm truly inspired!

Here is a couple of pictures from the race:

Here is my husband goofing off posing with his bike. =)


  1. That is so awesome! The best part the finish line and the feeling that come with it! Good job.

  2. ohh yay!!! I wish I had the drive to, do something like this! I sooo want to live a healthy life style but, just cant seem to do it!! Blah!! Thanks sooo much for linking up Amber!!! Im soo sorry that I have taken 10 years to come and visit! Ive missed reading your blog!


Thanks for the comment! They mean so much to me! :)