Wednesday, April 6, 2011


I wanted to share a little about couponing with you.

I've tried couponing but I found it to be a little too time consuming and I found myself buying things that I really had no plans of using when it came to grocery shopping. I admire those that make this work. I'm not taking any digs at those that do it and do it well. =)

What I did find myself to be successful at was "robbing CVS" - that's what I like to call it. Now, let me say I have never actually robbed CVS nor would I ever. It is just how I feel when they pay me to walk out with goodies.

I "robbed CVS" quite often last summer/fall but once I was well stocked up I quit for several months.

We haven't actually had to pay for toothpaste, body wash, shampoo/conditioner, deodorant, face wash, or razors (really nice ones at that) in several months. If only I could have gotten this worked out with groceries. But that's ok - maybe one day.

I gave it another go this past Sunday and I think it was a great trip.

These are the products I purchased:

And this is what my receipt looked like:

Let me break the purchases down a little further.

Had the products been full price, the total would have been $36.84 before tax.

On sale, before coupons, the price would have been $26.63 before tax.

After using coupons my total after tax was $13.43. I used $14.88 worth of coupons. The breakdown follows:

$4 off $20 coupon I received by email from CVS.
$2 off John Frieda
$2 off John Frieda
$2 off Oral B toothbrush
Buy 1 get 1 free coupon for RightGuard body wash - value $3.88
$1 ebuck

I received $9.99 back in CVS E-bucs. These are equivalent to real money at CVS. They can be spent on nearly anything at CVS (I do not believe you can pay for prescriptions with them).

Deducting the $9.99 CVS paid me my total was $3.44.

The benefit is that I now have my first week out of the way. Next week I will be able to pay my bill with ebucks and I wont have to spend nearly as much out of pocket up front.

Hope all of this makes sense. =)

**We are having some internet issues this week so if I'm not around for a while that is the reason why.**
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  1. I love coupons! How do people live without them?


Thanks for the comment! They mean so much to me! :)