Saturday, February 12, 2011

Alright, it's Saturday - which means it's workout day and weigh-in day at Weight Watchers...

Ok, well maybe I skipped a couple of weigh-ins. Two to be exact but it had been three weeks since I last stepped foot in Weight Watchers. What's wrong with me, you ask? Well, I let my emotions get the best of me and I was being lazy, making excuses. But I faced it today and I stepped on that scale and I actually maintained my weight. Honestly, that was great news! When you step on the scale and they don't say anything other than, "ok, I got you" that means you gained. Hehe - but to me she said, "you maintained!" O boy, I thought this is great for my mental health because I was worried I had somehow completely ruined it. Could it ever really be completely ruined? NO! Of course not but that's the negative inner thoughts I constantly have. I suspect I'm not alone. We can do it ladies!

So anyways, I thought I would make Saturday my weigh-in/workout day checkup on the blog.

Since beginning Weight Watchers this last time I've lost 6.5 lbs. I have much more that I want to lose but I don't want to undermine the progress I have already made.

What you should know about me is that I'm a lifetime Weight Watcher member. Wow, shouldn't that mean that this hasn't been a struggle for me. Man do I wish that was the case. I achieved lifetime status nearly seven years ago. And I'm still struggling but I will not give up.

I will learn to love myself as is and enjoy the process of becoming healthier! Yes I will! Yes I can! This reminds me of the movie "The Nutty Professor." In the movie he gets to the part where he is eating his ice cream I believe and watching TV. On the TV, Richard Simmons is giving some encouraging words and Professor Klump gets up stomping repeating "yes I can." Well that's me today. =)

So my weight checkup reads as follows.

Down 6.5 lbs

My workout checkup involves a 15-mile a week challenge that my husband and I are doing. If we do at least 15 miles a week of activity/60 miles a month (doesn't have to just be running although, I do like for several of the miles to be ground pounding as I call it) then we each get $50 a month to spend on whatever we want. So that junk he buys that I nag him for - well I try not to nag him because he can spend his $50 on that and that is his choice because he earned it and the same goes for me. This challenge has actually been very inspiring and has kept me in the workout mode - I mean I want my $50! I also strength train but I don't have specific goals for that - just know I do it!

During the month of January I did 83.87 miles. I blew the 60 out of the water. Many of those miles were earned in spin class though, and it is much easier to get a lot of miles under your belt on the bike. But I still did those miles so they count.

So far in February I have done 25.39 miles so I've got a ways to go but as I said I let my emotions get the best of me and starting today remember my motto, "yes I can!" And I will! And to offer more of an excuse why I'm not further along - well I haven't been to spin class this month - most of my miles have been pounding that ground. =)

Alright, there you have it - me getting real with myself.

Til next Saturday - let's hope I'm down next week!


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