Wednesday, March 23, 2011

workout update - more fabric - what I'm working on


I've been too quiet the past week or so - sorry! I've just been so busy. I just got off of work a few minutes ago. Yay - now that's something to celebrate! Now I'm going to post this and then I'm going straight to the sewing machine. Forget doing the dishes and folding laundry. =)

I posted a few weeks ago about a book I had received, The New Rules of Lifting for Women. I am now halfway through my third week. I'm really enjoying the workouts. The workouts consist of "heavy" lifting which I really like. This is a total change from what I have done in the past. In the past, I've gone to the gym and gotten bored because I'm not good at coming up with workouts on my own. Well, I wouldn't say I'm terrible at it but I love having it written out for me right there in the book.

I have not weighed myself and do not plan to for a while. With the heavy lifting there is a chance I may even gain weight and while I don't necessarily want that, I'm ok with it. I'll update you again soon on how it is going.

On to fabric - I received this in the mail last week too! Did I mention I love packages?

It is several yards of Kona solid fabric.

And for a peek at my quilt. I have all of the blocks sewn for my top now. Just need to sew them all together and then get to work on a couple of borders.

This is the first row to be sewn together and a sweet little dime I found in the floor - have no idea where it came from. Who likes finding money? The peeps on Little House on the Prairie would have loved a dime. Yes, I watch Lil House pretty much every day - I'll share more about that later.

I hope to have some rows sewn together to share later!



  1. Girl I love packages too!! your quilt is going to be sooo awesome!!! I think I need you to make me one!


Thanks for the comment! They mean so much to me! :)