Friday, March 4, 2011

What I'm working on...

More zippered pouches!

I think I'm in love - these are so fun to make and I'm enjoying the experience I'm getting with them. I'm facing the dreaded zipper head-on!

This is just so you can see the size of this one compared to my ipad.

These are my materials before I made my ipad pouch. =)

ipad pouch! This really isn't that ugly in person. It's the light as usual, I promise! I have a LONG way to go learning to take pictures. Please bear with me!

Well, there you have it. I was working on more of my quilt blocks last night and ran out of fabric. :( Big time bummer - but I was able to order more today and it should be arriving sometime early next week and I can resume.

I'm off to watch Dateline! I love that show! :}


  1. I love your pouches! Girl your awesome!

  2. Every time I take pictures of my fabric they always look ugly, but are fabulous in person. What is up with that?!?

  3. Thanks Heather!

    As for pictures I think the biggest issue is the lighting. i just can't wait til morning to share and I really only have time to sew at night!

  4. i love the ipad pouch... the fabric is fun (not ugly).
    i'm stopping over from Heather's blog.

  5. Thanks Ranae! And thanks for visiting- hope you come back often!


Thanks for the comment! They mean so much to me! :)