Friday, August 5, 2011


Hi friends!

I want to share a couple of things I worked on this week.

First a tote - I love this one. I'm still experimenting and this time I used pleats. =) Here she is - she's pink! And of course she has a couple of pockets - no tote would be complete without those!

Next is somewhat of a custom order - I like the way this pouch turned out and I hope it's owner will too!

I plan on working on a couple of wristlets and a larger tote bag/diaper bag next.

Hope you have a great Friday - don't work too hard - it's almost the weekend!!



  1. That custom pouch is ADORABLE!!! You're so creative! :)

  2. Erm, is that custom order for a person related to meeeeeeee? PLEASE OH PLEASE!


Thanks for the comment! They mean so much to me! :)